2018 AGM

Nov 13th, 2018




Mt. Washington Ski Patrol Association (MWSPA)


2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes 


Saturday November 3rd at 1635 –Main Lodge -Mt. Washington Alpine Resort 


Minutes taken by Mary Maclean, Secretary


Quorum of 15 established with 33 voting members as per sign-in sheet:
Members of the Board and committees: Bruce Vinnedge - AGM Chair and President, Andrew Hofmann -Vice President, Aengus Bates- Treasurer, Mary Maclean - Secretary, Margaret Symon – Nordic Director, Don McCauley- Director, Griffin Thomas - Director, Martin Smith - Chalet Director, Paul Vroom - Director of Projects and Inventory, Greg Howard - Training Committee, Martin Martens, 1st Year Training Coordinator, Jake Friesen-Junior Patrol Director


 Dawn Harwijne, Tommy Nyman, Dave DePasquale, Paige Johnston, Mark Pawluk, Claude Hamel, Dani Daigle, Tim Baker, Darryl Adams, Gavin Graves, John Salmon, Raymond Smith, Richard Stride, Paul Van Dusen, Rikk Buijs, Eric Brand, Serena Berndt, Randi Joyce, Dustin Bean, Bill Brasset, Danielle Gronnestad, Sam Low, Glenn Fraser, Bruce Isenor


1. Approval of agenda,


            Motion by Margaret to approve agenda, 2nd by Greg, passed. 


2. Approval of Past Minutes- 2017 AGM (read out by Bruce),


Motion by Griffin to approve past minutes, 2nd by Tim, passed.


3. Board & Executive Reports 


 President’s Report by Bruce Vinnedge


It is important to make a good impression on the new mountain management. One way to make us more valuable and reliable is to re-instate mandatory scheduling. This will help maintain a good working relationship with paid patrol as it helps in their daily planning. Our duty days will need to be scheduled at least 3 days in advance. If a duty day has to be cancelled, an attempt must be made to find a replacement and this will be communicated via email to the attendance director. The person substituting in will get the credit for the day. Drop in duty days are still permissible, and we still follow the 1 day in 10 preference indicated by the MOU with MWAR.


Vice-Presidents Report by Andrew Hofmann


Bruce and Andrew met with George – general impression is that that we benefit the mountain financially and they do appreciate the work we do. 


Treasurers Report by Aengus Bates


As of July 31, 2018, cash in bank was down $2000 over 2017 and stood at $29,936. 


We budgeted a deficit of $4,200 FY2018, but incurred a deficit of $5,545. That is an increased deficit of $1,345.This increase was largely due to our membership being down year-on-year. 


  • Income was down: Membership dues came in $1,600 below budget, while chalet fees came in $850 below budget.
  • Expenditure was down: Excluding unbudgeted OEC expenses, expenditure came in $546 below budget.
  • The new OEC program ran a surplus in 2018.The program levied a $25 fee on all members recertifying for OEC and ran an OEC training course September 2017. The program raised $4,066 and spent $2,959, resulting in a surplus of $1,107. 
  • The Community Gaming Grant application was not successful.  


The Association's financial statements embody the actual revenues and expenses presented in the budget. The statements were emailed out to you all very recently. I don’t propose to present the financial statements, however I am very happy to respond to questions.




Motion by Aengus to approve the July 31st, 2018 financial statements. 2nd by Dawn. Passed.


The guidelines governing BC Community Gaming Grant eligibility require that an organization have no less than 50% of its previous year's operating expenses on hand in the form of unrestricted cash and investments. 




Motion by Aengus that in order to allow for future eligibility we restrict $15,000 of our cash reserves for a proposed future uniform program. 2nd by Marty, Passed.



Motion by Aengus to restrict the $1,107 surplus from the OEC program 2017/18 for the program’s future use. 2nd by Margaret, Passed. 




We have received financial advice that our future grant applications may benefit by us restricting our access to cash accruals. All cash is currently held in checking and savings accounts.  




Motion by Aengus to invest our restricted funds in 6-12 month term GICs. 2nd by Andrew, Passed. 






Budget for 2019 




  • At the 2017 AGM the membership approved two budgets, one assuming a Gaming Grant, the other not. I propose doing the same in 2019. 
  • Excluding Gaming Grant-related income and expenditure, both budgets assume a deficit in net ordinary income of $4,450, up marginally from $4,200 in the 2018 budget. 
  • Both budgets assume an increased membership will drive increased membership dues and Chalet Fees, so both remain unchanged from the 2017 budget. 
  • Both budgets show an increase in fundraising receipts given a $1,000 donation received at the start of this financial year. 
  • Both budgets show an increase in general expenditure of $250 to account for the use of Paypal for the collection of payments. Paypal charge us a charity rate of a 1.6% + $0.30 fee per transaction. This would amount to $210 in fees on 100 $100 transactions. 
  • Both budgets show an increase in account and legal expenses of $500. 
  • Both budgets assume that the OEC program will break even. 
  • The Budget without Gaming Grant shows $15,000 being restricted as previously voted upon this evening. 
  • The Budget with Gaming Grant shows that we have submitted an application to for a Gaming Grant for programs totaling $95,000.  
  • The application included a $50,000 training program with $12,500 of funding from MWSPA and $37,500 of funding from a Gaming Grant. It also included a $60,000 uniform program with $15,000 of funding from MWSPA and $45,000 of funding from a BC Gaming Grant. 




We will stick to the Budget without Gaming Grant until such time as we receive full approval for a Gaming Grant.


Motion by Dawn to approve the budget for 2018/2019. 2nd by Greg. Passed.


Motion by Aengus that fees for the 2018/2019 fiscal period remain at $100 per full member. 2nd by Don. Passed.


Financial Statements and Budget are attached.






Training Committee Report by Greg Howard


There is nothing to report.




First year Coordinator Report by Martin Martens


 The 2017/18 season was successful on a number of points. First, 25 of the 26 first year trainee members completed their training checklist (14 of 15 regular members, 11 of 11 juniors). One set a record by completing her training checklist in two days. Most of those who completed their training checklist did it by the end of December and all completed their checklist by the end of January. 13 of the 15 regular members completed the season in good standing and 9 of them returned for the 2018/19 season. To start off the 2018/19 season, we have 20 regular trainees and 12 juniors joining the patrol. 


Junior Patrol Report by Jake Friesen


We have 17 junior patrollers on our roster this year. This includes 12 new and 5 returners: 8 from Parksville/Qualicum, 5 from Victoria, 1 from Duncan, 1 from Courtenay. 


 All have OFA 3 certification and demonstrated the first aid skills we expect from our regular duty adult patrollers. 


 This is a very strong group and I am looking forward to working with this group. 


 Much thanks goes out to MWSPA patrollers who spend time teaming up and training the juniors. 




OEC Training Report by John Salmon


The MWSPA OEC program established a new contract in June between MWSPA and NSP (National Ski Patrol) as an associate member under the PNWD (Pacific Northwest Division) of the NSP. This has provided for full on-line administrative access with the NSP for the creation of courses and maintaining member records.




The MWSPA OEC program ran a full OEC hybrid course again this year with 7 students (similar to 2017) who successfully completed the course, adding 5 new members to patrol as 1st years. This brings the MSWAR OEC membership to 33 people.  The program also ran a Schedule B refresher for existing OEC members as part of our annual training. This was audited by Suzanne Clarke (OEC IT) from the Pacific Alpine Institute.




The current OEC program consists of 2 certified Instructor trainers (IT’s) Paul Vroom and John Salmen and 3 certified instructors; Mike Vattheur, Margaret Symon and Tommy Nyman and 1 instructor in training Aaron Miller.






Attendance Report by Bruce Vinnedge




Numbers for 2017/2018 Season:


1328   Total Days    


248     Pre-Season Training          


1080   Days on Snow 2017/18     




2016/2017 season we had 1408.5 days on snow. Key message is that days on snow reduced with same season length, by approximately 400.  This can be attributed to the change in pass credit incentive. 




Chalet Report by Martin Smith




There was a mass clean of building, deck and entranceway painted, and brush/shrub clearing from around the building. 






Nordic Report by Margaret Symon




The 2017-2018 season was another fulfilling year for the Nordic Patrol. The Nordic was pleased to help out at several events throughout the season, starting with a ground search and rescue exercise at the sunny Nordic hills in early December, followed by biathlon events in January and February and then the annual Loppet in March. Snowshoeing continues to experience a surge in popularity. Nordic patrollers must be able to handle all levels of snowshoe and ski trail difficulties in all types of weather. Typically, there are very few 1050’s at Nordic. Last year, the Nordic patrol was influential attending to a fractured femur and a couple of other serious injuries. Nordic patrol is grateful to the MWSPA Board for approving purchase of a couple of patrollers on duty. Nordic patrol looks forward to working with familiar and new MWAR staff in the upcoming season.




4. New Business




Bruce- Amendment to Section 6 Constitution and Bylaws – Discipline of Members


This is a clarification of language, not a change in meaning. The new wording is attached.




Motion to accept the new wording of Section 6 by Bruce, 2nd by Marty, passed. 




5. Elections 








Andrew Hofmann- Nominated by Bruce, 2nd by Tommy, accepted. No other nominations.  




Andrew is elected Vice President by acclamation for two years.








Sam Low nominated by Dani, 2nd by John, accepted. No other nominations.




Sam is elected Secretary by acclamation for 2 years.






Danielle Gronnestad nominated by Marty, 2nd by Mary, accepted. No other nominations.


Danielle is elected director by acclamation for 2 years.




Randi Joyce nominated by Serena, 2nd by Marty, accepted. No other nominations.


Randi is elected director by acclamation for 2 years.


6. New Business from Membership 


There is no new business from the membership


7. Adjournment 


Motion to adjourn by Dawn, 2nd by Andrew. Meeting adjourned at 1735.


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