2019 January meeting minutes

Jan 27th, 2019


MWSPA Meeting Minutes 


I.      Location: Mount Washington Chalet




III.      Present: Bruce Vinnedge, Aengus Bates, Don McCauley, Andrew Hofmann, Martin Martens, Paul Vroom, Randi Joyce, Sam Low


IV.      Regrets: Margaret Symon, Dani Gronnestad


V.      Call to order: Jan 5, 2019, 12:06 


VI.      Minutes of previous MWSPA (December 2, 2018). Motion to approve (Aengus), seconded (Randi)


VII.      Old Business 


-          Website: Martin - Sit with Jacob about changing design of website. Gavin will update for a seasons pass.


-          Gaming grant: Paul: wonder if we should appeal or resubmit application. Missed by $6,000. Will correspond with Jake.


-          Policy Manual: Bruce will work with Martin on policy manual


-          T-bog - ricks ride. Jacket before finishing first year training? Yes, so there is no conflict with bumping. Juniors, not as critical.


-          Radio: found in the office.


-          Jackets: Paul has a list down to 34 jackets. 9 juniors.


-          CPR standards. ALS - needs to recert every year.


-          Training camp - all done with snow camp. We accepted 27 - 2 far 1 nordic. 12 first year completed. May lose 1 more. 1 finished getting jacket. Remainder needs orientaion and or 1050s.


-          Motion to accept Moose, secondary. Aengus


New Business


-          Gaming grant update - already discussed with old news.


o   Jacket recovery plan - already discussed with old news


-          Wireless internet - Andrew - burried cable needs to be replaced. We need a new cable. Or put in point to point wireless. Get access to telus. Or we can run a new cable in the summer. Currently easiest would be to use wireless antenna. Cost? $200 plus time and wiring.


-          Margaret: FAR: good on weekends but slim on weekdays. Suggest that Natalie Wilson (RN) get an orientation


         Moose will ask Sanda.  


o   FAR: Sandra concern: attendant skiing during a shift.


         Moose will talk to sandra 


o   Computer issue: Nordic, far and alpine. Have to manually sign in.


         Moose plugged in reader and it worked. Ongoing issue. Will look into further.


o   2 fanny packs in Nordic – request light-weight jackets for ID


         Will be addressed with gaming grant. Can put some badges on fanny packs


o   Nordic management asked for coverage schedule 




-          Martin: 1st year trainee update 


o   Ski lesson requirement


         Need to sign off based on set critera. Only CSIA/CASI only should sign off. Unless you are told by someone who is CSIA trained.


-          Moose: social for all patrol 


o   Moose: Idea is build a community. Social at the chalet with platters and food. Moose will organize first thursday of Feb. Budget? Few hundred.


-          Greg: Staff access to website 


o   Martin: Giving access to Dan and Dave. Policy was to not give to pro patroll. Due to privacy issues. Greg would like to create a staff user to send out training information.  Considered having a limited account for them. Board decided that we will have no change for now.


Training report: From the training director: in email


         - paper records all complete. Put dead line on t-bog training jan 31.








Other business. 


Parking: Andrew - Can we send a notice about having parking pass/stickers to members. Or something to show you are with patrol. Bruce will send out an email.




Chalet Heat: Andrew - solenoid needs to get fixed. Potential fire hazard. Randi will look into getting an electrition to look at it.




Next board meeting. Saturday Feb 2 at 1:00pm in Chalet.




Meeting adjourned by Paul. Seconded by Andrew.


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