End of Season Notes and Things to Keep in Mind for next Season

May 5th, 2014


It was quite the unusual season at Mt Washington Alpine resort. As volunteer patrollers, we managed to be flexible and adapt to the challenging circumstances we confronted this past season. We hope that next season will see a return to the normal snowfall and we look forward to seeing our members and next season’s 1st year trainees at training weekend on October 25-26.


We have a few notes, reminders, and things to keep in mind for next season.


1)      MWAR currently has multiple offers for the resort but these are confidential as negotiations are in progress. As a result, MWAR management cannot state anything about any pending offers. The process will take time. Once the negotiations are completed, Peter Gibson will send out the news to us.

2)      Amber Gilchrist did a fantastic job as chalet caretaker this season. She deserves our many thanks so take the time to send her some well deserved appreciation.


3)      As it was a shortened season, the required number of patrol days for the 2013-14 season was 8 days for full time and 4 days for part-time members.


4)      We have a uniform policy in place for all patrollers. Dark coloured (dark gray, dark blue, or black), solid coloured pants are requested  to help us maintain a professional appearance. If you have a patrol vest instead of a patrol jacket, a dark and solid coloured jacket is required.  We need to look like ski patrollers when we are on duty.  Now is a good time to purchase gear for next season as a lot of retailers and manufacturers are clearing out their inventory from last season.


5)      As part of the on-going efforts to improve our training program and upgrade our skills, we will be adding 2nd year and on-going training next season. To make sure we have training documentation for everyone, and, as part of this training, all patrollers will be required to complete a ski/snowboard assessment. We also plan to include t-bog refresher training for all patrollers. Derek Tolmie has been named the Training Committee Chair and will be working with the training committee to sort out plans for training weekend and training during the season.


6)      A few comments from Dispatch and the MWAR Patrol Director


a.       MWAR has to follow all WorkSafeBC regulations for alpine resorts.  One reminder - This includes the mandatory use of helmets when working on the mountain. A new policy is the requirement to report “near misses” – (unusual incidents that have the potential for serious injury). If you are involved in a near miss, report the incident immediately to Dispatch. At the earliest possible time after the incident, go to Dispatch to complete an Worker Incident Investigation Form.

b.      There is a formal  “88 use” protocol. This protocol determines whether or not 88 will be called to assist with a 10-50 in FAR. If you think you need assistance from the hill doctor, talk to Dispatch and explain the situation. Dispatch makes the determination as to whether or not the doctor will assist.  Even if the on-hill doctor is in FAR, you must discuss the request with Dispatch and only use the doctor with direct approval by Dispatch. If Dispatch calls 88 for assistance without your request, it means the assistance was required by the 88 protocol.


c.       Patrollers from other resorts at 10-50s. If you arrive at a 10-50 as the 1st responder, you are in charge of the incident. We had an incident this spring in which a bystander had taken c-spine control at a 10-50 and claimed to be a patroller from another BC resort. Keep in mind that patrollers from other resorts are not familiar with our protocols and training.  If you come across this situation in the future, thank the bystander for their assistance and take control of the patient and the situation. Follow your training and our procedures.



Enjoy the summer and we’ll see you next season!

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