Outback Patrol Training

Dec 20th, 2011

With winter officially here, the Director of Ski Patrol, Jesse Percival, is asking for a list of volunteers interested in patrolling in the Outback this season.


If you are interested in patrolling in the Outback, please contact Paul Vroom ( to be put on the list for Outback training. There are new avalanche protocols this year so anyone interested in patrolling in the Outback must complete the new Outback training checklist, even if you had previously been given the OK to patrol in the Outback.

Jesse believes that our training program, as well the experience that many of the members that have been volunteering for the past couple of seasons, will be a significant help when MWAR opens the outback terrain.

Jess asks us to keep a a few things in mind and at the forefront of this initiative. First, the Outback has a very low incident percentage compared to the rest of the resort. There is continuous boundary work and sign work after a significant snowfall. For the Outback team to be successful, Jesse needs to ensure that volunteer patrollers realize that patrolling in the Outback requires bump duty first. When doing an Outback bump, the primary focus is supporting first aid response and extraction work, as well to ensure all liability sign-age and boundary lines are visible and in good repair.



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