Snow Camp, Finally

Jan 14th, 2014

The dates planned are:

Jan 15th and 24th midweek.

Jan 18 and 19 weekend

Jan 25 and 26th weekend.

Sorry for the short notice but I wasn't expecting quite a quick opening and we need to get the training done ASAP. You can sign up on the website and you will need to do it soon as we need to know numbers for trainers.

You will need your skis and or snowboard and all of your equipment as this is the real deal now and we will be on snow.

Please go into the website calendar and schedule yourself for two  of the days. You need to schedule yourself for the matching pair of dates (if you schedule for the 14, then you need to do the 15th)

Schedule yourself for a training location and training shift for Snow Camp.

We need you to schedule yourself so Dave Hutton knows how many of you are scheduled for each of the days to organize the trainers.

You must complete Snow Camp before you can schedule yourself for any duty days.

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