What you need to know for Training Weekend

Oct 22nd, 2012

Attention All Patrollers

        A Pre-Training session was held on Sunday October 21st with great success. The Training Patrollers completed all of the training modules that you will be required to do on the 27th.

It is important to remind everyone attending this upcoming training, that this is not a teaching weekend. It is a refresher ONLY. If you have to be prompted through critical steps while completing skills, you will be required to attend additional training sessions before you will be allowed to patrol. You must be able to demonstrate an adequate ability to perform the required skills, whether you are an OFA 3, Para-Medic, MFR II, SAR, OEC,  or any other certification.  MWSPA must ensure that all members are competent in the delivery of First Aid on the hill for liability purposes.

Please take a few minutes this week to review your skills and be prepared. The following website is an excellent reference for the Training weekend, go to WWW.NSP.ORG  select Refresher Study Guide and select Refresher Study Guide B 2012. The following topics will be covered.


1. Assessments – Spinal Pelvic – Femur Fractures – Abdominal Evisceration/Impalement –Collapse


2. Spinal Management – Single person roll – Multi-Person rolls, Prone to Supine, Supine to lateral for Backboard placement, Positioning patient on board with Long axis drag and/or Bulldozer, Standing Take down with Spine board, Measuring and applying collars, Sitting to supine.


3. O2 Management – O2 tanks and associated equipment, OPA’s/NPA’s, Suction, BVM.


4. Abdominopelvic Injury Management - Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Emergencies, Abdominal and Pelvic trauma, Shock Management


5. Environmental & Medical Emergencies - Cold & Heat-related Emergencies,

            Altitude/Avalanche Emergencies, Allergies & Anaphylaxis, Plant & Animal Emergencies,

            Outdoor Adaptive Athletes


6. Orthopaedic Injury Management - Pelvic/Hip/Femur packaging, Sun Valley application

            Traction Splint – SAGAR, Full Tie downs.


Items to remember

  • Knee Pads - optional
  • Outdoor clothing for Sunday afternoon approximately for 3hrs Chair Evacuation Practive
  • Coffee mug 
  • Personal Pocket mask – O2 Management
  • Membership Dues of $100 
  • Fat Teddy’s for lunch or bring your own lunch
  • Halloween costume for Saturday night


Bring a Positive Attitude and you will be pleasantly surprised


Training Committee 2012 

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”

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